Translation Services

Surpass Translation with extensive experience in website translation and localisation will help you to get the best results. We have a team of professionals dedicated to Web Design and authoring, Internet Marketing, promotion and search engine positioning, Web scripting, and web text internationalisation and localisation.

Website translation and localisation is a particularly delicate and complex operation, involving diverse skills and requiring experience of co-ordinating many different work streams. As with any translation and localisation project, it is not enough to simply convert the text into the destination language; rather the success of a website translated into a language different to the original depends on several factors:

  • Textual content: must be adapted to the linguistic and cultural system of the target language, the dialect and style used must be appropriate to the target audience. We make sure that the web site translation contains culturally acceptable terms and presents your company in a professional manner. There are many cultural taboos in every country and we make sure your web site is presented properly.
  • Graphics: are a common and important element of most web sites. This can be anything from a simple menu button to an elaborate Flash based animation. Our graphic arts staff translates the textual elements and re-creates the graphics in the target language. Dutch Translation, German English Translation are just a few examples. Colors, style and presentation are reviewed for cultural adaptation. .Graphical components must be edited to meet linguistic and cultural requirements.
  • Scripting components: HTML (Text, Meta Tags, Alt Tags) , DHTML, Javascript, PHP, Perl, Asp, database, etc. must be adapted to work within the local operating environment.
  • Page formatting: must be formatted so as to be compatible with the original graphical structure and made attractive to search engines to ensure maximum exposure.

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