Translation Process

Below is a quick summary of our web site translation process. Since every project is unique, the process for your specific project may be different.

  • Once the project is signed-off on, the Program Manager will review your files in detail to understand the scope of the project. He will spend some time using your English web site to understand what you are offering and how your web site operates. He will then discuss with the primary contact at your organization to review the project. He will spend time to understand your global marketing goals, targets, development milestones and schedule. Questions on any of the files will be discussed at this time. Delivery formats and protocols will be agreed on.
  • The PM will assign language specific Translation Engineers and Editors to your translation project with the matching skills for this project. The "Project Translation Team" will meet to discuss and review the project. The PM will draw up an internal workflow schedule based on the project schedule that is agreed to. Translation work begins.
  • The TE categorizes the translation work based on the internal workflow schedule and begins. For example, begin with all programming files (asp, php, fla, def, hhc, cgi, html, rc, etc.) as the groups of files are completed, they will be handed off to the assigned language specific QA Editors who will check them for errors. Grammar and terminology are checked.
  • In projects that involve graphic image localization work, we assign a separate graphic arts staff to redo any graphic files with the appropriate translated text.
  • The Translation Team meets twice every week to review the project. PM will report the status of the project to your primary contact. Any new "additions" that you request will be incorporated into the project. As business is dynamic, we maintain flexibility in our work throughout the project to incorporate any changes you request.
  • Once the entire project is completed in all languages and the multilingual web site has been uploaded (for private viewing only), the QA Editors check the files for a 2nd round of QA. In this step, the QA Editors also perform tests on the multilingual site using various browsers. We make sure all links perform correctly and your site functions properly.
  • If revisions are necessary, then the Translation Team will make corrections. Your multilingual site is tested for a 3rd round by in-country testers by simulating usage of your site in the target country.
  • Upon completion of our test phase, the site is turned over to you for approval and final sign-off.

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